How Can I Prevent Hearing Loss?


Good afternoon, everbody, Dr. Mandy here. It’s the beginning of May and did you know that May is “Better Speach and Hearing” Month? We’re all outside now, the weather is getting warmer, we’re doing things in our yard like mowing, trimming trees, etc. and we’re exposing ourselves to hazardous sounds and noises. So, in honor of Better Speach and Hearing Month, I’m going to talk about a few options for hearing protection.

So, if you are going to be outside operating power tools, lawn mowing, etc. we do have options here at Sioux Falls Audiology to protect your hearing. We have (ear) muffs for children and adults… these are really nice, they really amplify noises. We have the adjustable bands, so these are really nice. We also have phone plugs, these are pretty typical sometimes when it gets hot out and you’re sweating these may slip in and out so maybe something like this might be a little bit better. Otherwise, we do have custom options. We can custom mold some silicone in your ear and we can have the mold sent away and we can have custom hearing protection. We can do electronic or we can just do solid noise plugs.

So, if you’re somebody that is around noise and you want to protect your hearing, which you should, call the office today and we can go over our options, whatever works with your budget and your lifestyle. So you can give our office a call at 605-306-3050, see ya later!

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