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You’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss and now it is time to think about how to correct it. Getting a hearing aid is an investment in your health. So, what makes us different? Dr. Norgaard not only knows what it’s like to struggle with hearing loss, she also knows it can be overwhelming to figure out what will work best for you. Dr. Norgaard believes the only way to know which hearing aids are right for you, is by witnessing the benefits they provide to your day-to day life. At Sioux Falls Audiology, our goal is to improve your quality of life, and there is no better way to do that than by first-hand experience. Call us today!
Hearing Loss
Try hearing aids without cost or obligation and experience hearing aids at work, play or home and find out for yourself the benefits of being able to hear your world again. 

Hearing Aids

At Sioux Falls Audiology, we understand there is a wealth of information available when it comes to hearing devices, which can be confusing and overwhelming. Don’t stress, there is a hearing device available that will work for you, and Dr. Norgaard is here to help you find it. Today’s hearing devices are designed to be comfortable, compact and cosmetic. Dr. Norgaard is committed to staying current on modern hearing aid technology. Advancements in the industry ensure that patients remain in control of their hearing health, and Sioux Falls Audiology is here to make sure you know all your options.

The length of time to acclimate to hearing aids can vary from six weeks to six months.

Choose an Audiologist

Why Choose an Audiologist Over a Pharmacy?

There is a huge difference between seeing a professional Audiologist compared to a staff member in Costco or Sam’s club about your hearing issues. What sets Dr. Norgaard apart from anyone you can walk up to in a grocery store pharmacy is the years of education and wide range of healthcare training to give patients the best and most accurate diagnosis and treatment. The scope of practice that Audiologists are capable of and the quality of hearing aids that Dr. Norgaard works with make Sioux Falls Audiology Associates your best solution for all aspects of your hearing healthcare.

Smartphone App for Hearing Device

Smartphone Apps

If you are tech savvy, ask about the apps available to connect your smartphone to your hearing device. From amplifying sound to streaming movies or music directly to your hearing aid, these apps offer a wide selection of convenient services for the hearing challenged.

  • Smartphone technology now makes it possible to easily adjust your hearing aid settings right from your phone, fine-tuning volume and even changing the directionality of its microphones when in background noise. This technology also enables your provider to adjust your hearing aids remotely.
  • Hearing aids are now available with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to connect wirelessly to your smart devices, including televisions, tablets, cell phones and more. You can once again enjoy watching movies or listening to music with friends and family.
Wireless streaming devices

Wireless Streaming Devices

  • You do not have to have hearing loss to enjoy the benefits of wireless streaming. If music is an integral part of your workout, you can stream music and track your progress at the same time. A built-in heart rate sensor in these earphones delivers information to your smartphone so you can track your progress in real time.
  • Hearables by Bragi – While these intelligent earphones are available on the retail market, Dr. Norgaard can customize these by taking a mold of your ears and fitting the devices to them, for unrivaled comfort.
Hearing Aids. Find yours at Sioux Falls Audiology Associates

Hearing Aids

At Sioux Falls Audiology, we believe that the hearing aid that best fits your lifestyle is the one you’re most likely to use and will help you find the hearing aid that suits your unique situation at a cost that fits your budget. Below are some of the manufacturers we work with:

Starkey Hearing Technologies
Unitron Logo
Phonak Hearing Solutions, Trusted Provider
Oticon People First
Oticon People First
ReSound GN
Signia. Life sounds brilliant.
Signia. Life sounds brilliant.

Technology Levels, Types and Styles

Whether you are hoping to improve basic conversation or refine sounds in an auditorium-like setting, hearing aid technology is available, from basic to advanced, to meet your needs. Hearing aids come in several styles, which you can learn more about on our How to Choose a Hearing Aid page. We encourage you to stop in and visit with us to become more familiar with current hearing aid technology, types and style options. If you currently have a hearing device and need hearing aid repair or upgrade questions, we can help!

Hearing Aid Repair And Service

At Sioux Falls Audiology, we are proud to offer repair and service for all hearing aids, regardless of where they were purchased. Contact us today for more information.


We’ll teach you how to properly clean and maintain your hearing aid, and can provide routine inspections to ensure you’re getting the most out of  your devices.

Hearing Aid Repair

We can repair your hearing aid, even if you purchased it somewhere else.


We provide warranties on all of our hearing devices, for peace of mind on your purchase.

Hearing Aid Batteries

We stock hearing aid batteries for virtually any hearing device on the market. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you.


Enjoy the reliability of rechargeable hearing aids with no more hassle of disposable batteries.  The all-in-one charger lets you grab your hearing aids and go.

Earwax removal

If you have a tendency for wax build up, we offer safe techniques for removal. Impacted wax can not only plug your ears,  but can cause a temporary hearing loss.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

If you have hearing loss, it is likely hearing aids will be a tremendous help in your daily life. But what about those special situations when your hearing aids aren’t quite enough? Special devices called assistive listening devices (ALDs) are useful for listening to conversations on the phone, watching favorite shows on television, watching performances or speakers in public places and classrooms and even waking to an alarm clock in the morning or hearing the doorbell. There is a surprisingly large array of ALDs on the market today, with many geared toward very specific needs. Some of these devices are made to work specifically with certain hearing aids, while others are stand-alone and can be helpful even if you don’t yet wear hearing aids. Visit us to learn more about ALDs and how they can improve your communication.

Difficulty hearing on the phone? Use CaptionCall

To qualify for CaptionCall, a hearing-care professional must certify the individual has a hearing loss that requires captions to use the phone effectively.

How Can It Be Free? CaptionCall is part of a federal program for people with hearing loss. The federal government compensates CaptionCall for providing the captioning service, so there are no costs passed on to those who need the program. Certification of hearing loss by a qualified hearing or health care professional is required to participate in this program. An Internet connection is required to use this service.

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