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Real Ear Measurement

Optimize the performance of your hearing aids with real ear measurement from Sioux Falls Audiology Associates. This short, simple procedure can significantly improve the fit and sound quality of your hearing aids. Therefore, you can comfortably enjoy restored hearing.

Although hearing aids are intended to enhance the wearer’s ability to clearly hear and understand speech and sounds, many people find themselves disappointed with the quality of results. If you’re frustrated with the low-quality performance of your hearing aids or are in need of a hearing loss solution, real ear measurement can dramatically improve your experience.

What is Real Ear Measurement (REM)?

Real ear measurement, sometimes referred to as probe microphone measurements is a process used by audiologists to evaluate whether a hearing aid user is receiving the specific level of amplification needed to provide the best possible hearing quality and improvement. Real ear measurement is considered the “gold standard” of performance and quality testing for hearing aids. This testing ensures that precise amplification is facilitated at the full spectrum of frequencies objectively rather than just going by the algorithm provided by the programming software and the subjective opinion of the patient.

For patients suffering from severe hearing loss, 100 percent improvement may not always be viable. However, real ear measurement maximizes the potential of hearing aids in order to reach the highest improvement possible, even for the most profound hearing loss cases.

What is the Process for Real Ear Measurement?

The process for real ear measurement typically takes place during the initial fitting for hearing aids for experienced users. For new users it usually happens within two weeks of the fitting. The measurement will be so precise that those that have never worn hearing devices will need some time for their brain to adjust to sound before they can be programmed exactly where they ought to be. After the hearing aids are inserted into the ear, a very thin, probe-shaped microphone will be placed in the ear canal. This will get a baseline of how a patient hears the pre-recorded conversation. Then the test is run again, this time with the probe mic directly next to the device. Using the microphone, a professional audiologist then evaluates the exact sound levels that are being provided by the hearing aid, using different speech samples to provide various readings.

Using the data gathered, the audiologist is then able to make minute adjustments to the sound levels. The audiologist will match target amplification levels that are customized according to the patient’s specific hearing loss across frequencies to provide objective data.

How Long Does Real Ear Measurement Take?

The process for real ear measurement is extremely quick and simple, taking anywhere from five to twenty minutes. At Sioux Falls Audiology Associates, real ear measures are included with every patient’s fitting process.

What are the Benefits?

Real ear measurements help provide the best possible results from your hearing aids. The measurements ensure that they provide the exact level of amplification you need. Instead of dealing with the frustration of all sounds being too loud or certain speech frequencies being too quiet or unclear, you’ll be able to enjoy a “just right” amount of amplification at every frequency you have hearing loss.

Do All Audiologists Offer Real Ear Measurement?

Considering the impact real ear measurement can have on the quality of a patient’s hearing, you might assume that all audiologists include it in the fitting process. However, according to the Hearing Review, less than 35 percent of hearing aid specialists provide this service to patients.

Dr. Norgaard is proud to make our patients the utmost priority. She works to raise industry standards by making real ear measurement an important part of our offered services from day one. We are here to help. Contact our office today to learn more about real ear measurement and how it can make a dramatic difference in your everyday life.

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