Only 1 out of every 5 people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one

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It is our mission to help you maximize your listening potential and improve your quality of life. Our multidimensional approach to hearing health care involves not only a medical component in diagnosing and monitoring hearing loss, the health of outer and middle ear, but also rehabilitative components of living with a hearing loss. Such treatments begin with a hearing test and then may include dispensing hearing aids and assistive devices, social and aural rehabilitation strategies, as well as noise protection, cerumen (ear wax) management, and prevention of further hearing loss.

At Sioux Falls Audiology, we want you to know that you are not alone; there is help. We specialize in treating all aspects of hearing health. We are excited about the technological advancements that allow us to improve the hearing and speech for our patients. Additionally, we can assist you in developing techniques to better communicate with loved ones, business associates and the world. Sioux Falls Audiology Associates is a Veteran and family-owned business. We are committed to giving each individual the best hearing care in the greater Sioux Falls, South Dakota area. Our office is now accepting new patients of all ages. If you are interested in purchasing a hearing aid, hearing aid accessories or hearing protection, visit our online shop or contact us today to schedule a hearing test!

The average age of the first time hearing aid wearer is 70, even though onset of age-related or noise-induced hearing loss can occur several years prior.

Hear. Better. Now.

Taking the first step to improving your hearing can be nerve-wracking,  but we’re here to tell you it is worth it! Dealing with hearing loss is a challenge, but getting hearing aids can be, too. We are passionate about helping others over the hurdles.  You’ve struggled long enough; contact us today.

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Hearing Aids

At Sioux Falls Audiology, our goal is to optimize your ability to communicate with the world around you. We have a wide variety of hearing aid options available to make that happen. Also, we carry batteries and offer maintenance and repair on all hearing aids, regardless of where they were purchased. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the signs of hearing loss and the cost of hearing aids.

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How to Choose a Hearing Aid

How to Choose a Hearing Aid

How do you decide which hearing aid is best for you or your loved one? There are a few things to consider, including the extent of the hearing loss, the patient’s overall mobility, ability to manipulate his/her fingers and his/her cognitive function. At Sioux Falls Audiology, we will help you sort through all the information and narrow down the options that are best for your unique situation and budget. Call us today to schedule a hearing test and learn more.

What Our Patients Say

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Sioux Falls Audiology. Many patients share common problems such as being unable to distinguish words because of background noise, hearing in a crowded room, or responding to someone in another room. Mandy is uniquely qualified to evaluate the problem and recommend options. Many times her recommendations involve counseling the entire family.
Whether the patient is nine or ninety, Sioux Falls Audiology will provide a thorough hearing evaluation. -Tom P.


Listen to our patients experience here at Sioux Falls Audiology Associates

At Sioux Falls Audiology, better communication is just a phone call away. Contact the caring, professional team at Sioux Falls Audiology to discover how compassion, knowledge and innovation can improve your life.

Studies have shown as much as 36% of dementia risk is attributable to hearing impairment. Hearing aids may delay the onset of dementia and cognitive decline.

Meet Dr. Mandy

Mandy Rounseville-Norgaard Au.D

Our Audiologist Dr. Norgaard has 15 years of experience in practicing audiology, and a lifetime of experience wearing hearing aids. Dr. Norgaard was born with significant hearing loss in both ears and has worn hearing devices since the age of 3. She is uniquely qualified in understanding the frustration associated with hearing issues. This has helped to fuel her passion for helping others manage their loss. Her background experience includes private practice, ear nose and throat, educational, OSHA, hearing conservation, and the Department of Veteran Affairs. Dr. Norgaard launched Sioux Falls Audiology Associates with the vision to help those struggling with hearing loss to hear better. Watch Dr. Norgaard tell her hearing loss story here.

Audiologist Dr. Mandy Norgaard of Sioux Falls Audiology Associations of Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Disable American Veterans Outstanding Support by a Small Business Award

Outstanding Support By A Small Business

Sioux Falls Audiology Associates is honored to have accepted the award for Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Outstanding Support by a Small Business! We would like to thank the DAV for supporting veteran-owned businesses, and for empowering veterans everywhere to lead fulfilling, meaningful lives. As a veteran himself who has spent 20 years in the Army, Mr. Norgaard is passionate about assisting those living with hearing loss find a solution. We will continue to strive to provide the best hearing care in Sioux Falls, and help anyone living with hearing loss maximize their listening potential.

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