The importance of protecting your hearing

Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss, and over 200,000 Americans are diagnosed with this hearing loss every year. 

When the ear is exposed to sound, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear are struck by sound waves that transform the sound waves into electrical signals to send to the brain. When these sound waves are too loud, they can cause irreversible harm to these delicate hair cells. Hair cells damaged or killed never heal, and you suffer irreversible hearing loss with damaged hair cells.

A new study estimates that 58 million Americans are exposed to loud sounds every day, facing damage to hair cells, tinnitus, and permanent hearing loss. Where do people encounter these sounds? Noisy workplaces and outdoor areas such as sporting venues or shooting ranges are familiar places where people experience excessive noise. Very few people wear hearing protection.

Protect yourself with our custom hearing protection 

The best line of defense against hearing loss is wearing hearing protection such as earplugs. The most readily available foam earplugs can be painful to wear or muffle noises in a way that makes it difficult to listen to regular conversation. Many people also feel self-conscious with bright orange plugs in their ears, so they might go without protection instead of wearing this noticeable ear protection. That's where custom hearing protection can come in useful.

Tailored to your ears

No two ears are the same, so it makes sense that not everyone will be happy with the fit of the hearing aids from the drugstore. 

Comfortable Fit

Custom hearing protection is designed to fit your unique ear shape and worn without discomfort for hours. They are manufactured with hypoallergenic silicone and rest snuggly in your ear without causing pressure or pain.

Long Term Protection

Custom ear protection lasts several years when properly cared for and protects your hearing from long-term noise damage. 

What We Offer

Custom ear protection comes in different varieties to suit your leisure activity:

Musicians' Protection

You don't have to be a singer to benefit from musicians' earplugs. If you are an avid concert-goer or often find yourself in very noisy settings, earplugs from musicians will protect your ears without distorting the sound. You will be able to hear the music you enjoy without endangering your hearing health. 

Shooter's Protection 

These are equipped with sound filters that allow clear, conversational, and ambient sounds and block out loud bursts of sound. They can provide heavy-duty gunshot protection and are very good when used at indoor gun ranges. Because of their capacity to let in softer sounds, they are ideal for hunters, too.

Swimmer's Protection

Swim molds are specialized earplugs that create a tight seal that prevents water from flowing past the outer ear. They are made of waterproof silicone and are tailored for your ears to ensure a secure, snug fit in the ear canal. Custom swim molds protect against many major health issues related to ears, including outer ear infections.

Soundgear Phantoms

Introducing the world’s first custom, Bluetooth® compatible and rechargeable hearing aid and protection device. Phantom offers an unrivaled custom fit and Bluetooth capabilities. It’ll allow you to hear environmental sounds and conversations more clearly while offering protection from both sudden and continuous sound.

Life can be loud, and one part of your long-term health and well-being that has ripple effects on your physical and emotional health is the quality of your hearing. You never know what you'll come across on any given day, so it is essential to have custom hearing protection with you at all times.

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