Hearing aid repair at Sioux Falls Audiology

While hearing aids are small in size, the technology they contain is amazing. As with most medical devices, they are prone to wear and tear from every day use and require regular maintenance and timely repairs to ensure optimal performance. At Sioux Falls Audiology Associates, we do hearing aid repair in our office, whether you bought your device from us or not.

Some common complaints we hear from patients who contact us about their hearing aids include:

  • Dead Battery: No sound amplification.
  • Sound Too soft: Sound is to faint to hear or muffled.
  • Noise Too sharp: While not overly loud, the sound hurts the ears.
  • Hearing Buzzing: Buzzing or whining makes it impossible to hear other sounds.
  • Hearing Static: Like a radio that isn’t tuned in properly.
  • Cracked Shell: Fractures or cracks from usage, or resulting from dropping your hearing device, may result in dirt or moisture getting inside and causing damage.
  • Broken volume control: Volume buttons are prone to wear and damage.

Contact us for hearing aid repair in Sioux Falls

At Sioux Falls Audiology Associates, we do all types of hearing aid repair in our Sioux Falls office, so please contact us if you feel your listening devices are broken or not functioning as they should, including the shell or case. Fortunately, for a certain amount of time, most new hearing aids are covered by a warranty that pays for repairs.

Dr. Norgaard services all hearing aids and offers service plans to provide the services necessary to keep the hearing aids working, ears clean, and the hearing aid prescription up to date if hearing changes.

If your hearing aid is not working properly, there may be some simple things you can consider before calling our office, including:

  • Have you cleaned your hearing aid recently? With proper care and cleaning, you can prevent damage to your listening device from ear wax build up. If no one has shown you how to clean your hearing aid correctly, we’d be happy to instruct you!
  • Is your hearing aid turned on? While this may seem too obvious to require mention, it’s surprising how easy it is to overlook it sometimes, particularly if wearing hearing aids is new to you.
  • Is the volume high enough? The volume level on your hearing aid may have inadvertently been turned down, so it bears checking.
  • Have you checked your batteries? Look to see that the batteries are in the proper position in your hearing aids. Next, test to be sure the batteries still have enough life left in them to operate your hearing aids. If in doubt, change them out! If it seems like you are going through batteries faster than normal, we can take a look to see why that is.

We fix broken hearing aids in Sioux Falls

If none of the above steps fix your hearing aid concerns, Sioux Falls Audiology Associates may be able to perform repairs right in our Sioux Falls office or, if it is a major issue, such as a malfunctioning microphone, we may have to send your device off, with your permission, to the manufacturer for repairs. Whatever the problem, we will help you restore full function to your listening device.

Our in-house repairs include:

  • Battery Replacement: We can replace your batteries with fresh ones and see that they are properly installed.
  • Professional Wax Removal: Even with daily cleaning, wax can accumulate in your listening device. With our specialized tools, we’ll remove any wax buildup that may be causing problems.
  • Tubing Replacement: We can replace blocked, worn or damage tubing from your Behind the Ear (BTE) model hearing aid.
  • Program Adjustment: Your hearing may have changed or the settings on your hearing aid may have inadvertently been altered. We can make the necessary adjustments to restore optimal hearing.
  • Re-fitting: An ill-fit hearing aid can cause sore spots in the ear canal or result in feedback or a squealing sound. The earmold may need a small adjustment or it may be necessary for us to make a new earmold impression to fix the problem.
  • Hearing Aid Supplies: At Sioux Falls Audiology Associates, we also carry a variety of hearing aid supplies such as cleaning tools, wax traps, hearing aid batteries and domes. No matter where you received your hearing aids, we have the supplies and tools you need so you can keep on using your devices. We have inventory and stock of any hearing aid supply that you may need.

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