Best Hearing Aid Accessories for Holiday Gatherings

Family get-togethers are noisy, but they don’t have to be frustrating. Here are some of the best hearing aid accessories for holiday gatherings.

December 22, 2022

Best Hearing Aid Accessories for Holiday Gatherings

Every holiday season our families gather together to catch up, reminisce, and just spend time with those who matter the most in our lives. But for someone with hearing loss, it can become a stressful time of year. But with the right hearing aid accessories, your holidays could finally bring joy again. 

Why Invest in Hearing Aid Accessories for Holiday Gatherings?

There are two concerns for people with hearing loss during the holiday season: multiple conversations and background noise. And these concerns are for good reason. When someone with hearing loss is dropped in the middle of several conversations, it’s nearly impossible to discern what’s actually being said. And the background noise of busy kitchens, living rooms, and gathering spaces can drown out a conversation in no time if your hearing isn’t excellent.

When those with hearing loss can’t keep up with conversations, they feel lost, isolated, and frustrated. And that makes what is otherwise a happy gathering for others into a depressing experience. But with the right accessories, your hearing loss won’t interfere with your holiday gatherings.

What Kinds of Accessories Are Available?

Today’s market offers many different accessories for hearing aids, including several different devices for wireless connectivity. For holiday gatherings, direct-connect hearing aid accessories make the biggest difference. And with the cost of accessories starting at $200, you can find a device that fits both your budget and your hearing needs.

The Best Hearing Aid Accessories for Your Needs

Not every hearing aid accessory is right for you, but not having any accessories could make your holiday season more stressful than it needs to be. Think about what you expect to experience: lots of conversations, busy rooms and tables, and background noise from cooking, cleaning, and entertainment. What matters most to you? And what don’t you want to miss this year?

Once you have your answers, you can start exploring the solutions available to you. Here are some of the most in-demand hearing aid accessories to help you enjoy your family gatherings.

TV Adapters

If you’re trying to watch a cheesy holiday movie or a big game in the midst of your family gathering, you’re probably battling with background noise. In these cases, it’s worth having a Bluetooth or wireless system for your hearing aids. This kind of hearing aid accessory can connect directly to your devices, or through a set-top box that acts as a streaming system for your TV or device.

The benefit of these hearing aid accessories is that they can be used in any environment without causing disturbances to the people around you. You can tune in to your device or television and control the volume from the adapter, all with a simple remote control. And in many cases, you can also mute the microphone in your hearing aids so that you can focus on the streaming device without distractions.

Direct-Connect Microphone Systems

Conversations during the holidays, or in any place where there’s background noise, can be incredibly frustrating for those with hearing loss. The noise of the activities surrounding you can keep you from connecting with the people you love. This is where direct-connect microphone systems become the best hearing aid accessories for hearing in tough situations.

Many systems in the past have come with both a microphone and a receiver, including ALDs like FM and DM systems that are used in classrooms or lecture halls. But today’s direct-connect devices usually include a microphone that transmits directly to a connected hearing aid. After pairing your hearing aids with the microphone, the speaker simply wears the microphone on their lapel or collar to make conversations easy to hear.

Some of the systems, including the Phonak Roger, also include tabletop microphones that use automatic directional microphones to help in situations where multiple people will be speaking. Although they were designed for work environments, these types of microphones work well for family gatherings.

Some of the clip-on microphones can also be used as tabletop transmitters, so you can switch from one-on-one conversations to group settings easily. Still others are designed for handheld use so that they can be passed from person to person during gatherings. In all cases, these microphones transform frustration into enjoyment.

All hearing aid brands have their own lines of direct-connect microphones, but compatibility varies from brand to brand. Call us to find out which options will work with your hearing aids.

Remote Controls

It may not improve your ability to hear conversations directly, but a remote control for your hearing aid has some great benefits during big gatherings. Why would you want a remote? Because it simplifies your process for changing settings.

In high-noise environments, it’s often necessary to adjust your hearing aid’s settings as you move from one conversation to another. Even from room to room, you may need to change your settings. A wireless remote for your hearing aids can do the adjustments without the clumsy fumbling of making those adjustments on the hearing aid itself.

And today’s hearing aids also connect to apps on your smartphone for more advanced controls and options, including streaming music, taking phone calls, and, with some brands, connecting to other smartphones to use as microphones for direct ear-level listening. Smartphone apps make your hearing aids even more usable and versatile, and they make it easy to hold conversations without the need for extra equipment during your holidays.

So instead of looking, and feeling, like you’re struggling just to be comfortable, you can make adjustments with the press of a button. It’s a great way to feel more relaxed during your holiday get-togethers.

We’re Here to Help

Since your needs will be different from the next person’s needs, it’s worth doing the research to see what features you truly want from your hearing aid accessories. And once you know your needs, choosing the right accessories will be a much easier process.

If you’re worried about feeling isolated and frustrated this holiday season, or any time you need to hear someone in a crowded space, we’re here to help you find solutions. Your ability to stay connected to your friends and family is incredibly valuable. And finding the right hearing aid accessories can help you do just that. Talk with our experts to see what options are available, and which ones will give you the right help for your hearing needs.

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