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Cost of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids Are an Investment in You

There is no doubt that hearing aids are a significant investment that affects your life in countless ways. Hearing aids improve communication with family, friends and colleagues, boost emotional well-being, self-confidence and self-image, as well as retain your cognitive abilities.

We understand just how important your hearing is to your quality of life and do not want cost issues to keep you from improving your quality of life. As such, we offer financing plans to help manage the cost for our Sioux Falls area patients. Your insurance provider may offer additional discounts to further reduce the amount you will pay for your hearing aid.


Factors That Affect the Price of Hearing Devices

Dr. Norgaard has over 11 years of experience as an Audiologist and a lifetime experience of wearing hearing aids. Sioux Falls Audiology Associates has hearing aids available in a wide range of prices. The cost of the hearing aid depends on the type of hearing aid needed by the patient. The type of hearing aid is based on several factors, including your level of hearing loss, lifestyle, technological desires and budget. We will work with you to find the best possible hearing aid for your situation.


Financing the Cost of Hearing Aids

  • Medicare 
    As a general rule, Medicare does not cover the expenses of hearing aids or listening devices. Medicare Advantage Plans may provide coverage for your devices. Medicare will cover the cost of the hearing exam with a referral from your primary care physician.
  • Medicaid 
    Medicaid typically covers at least part of the cost of hearing devices for adults and children, depending on eligibility.
  • Veterans
    The VA may provide cost coverage for hearing devices if you served in the US military. You might be eligible for hearing aids through the Veteran’s Administration (VA). For more information, contact your VA health facility. We also offer a special discount for veterans who are not eligible.
  • Private health insurance 
    If you have private health insurance, it may cover all or part of your hearing evaluation and the cost. It’s important that you consult with your insurance provider to see if they will offer coverage for your listening devices and at what rate. You do not want to miss out on a benefit for which you have already paid.
  • HSAs
    If you have a Health Savings Account, the money you have contributed can be used to pay for healthcare purchases not covered by insurance, including hearing aids.
  • Flex Benefits
    If your employer has a Flexible Medical Spending Plan into which you have set money aside, that money can be used to pay for medical expenses not covered by your insurance provider.


Financing the Cost of Hearing Aids Through Our Sioux Falls Office

At Sioux Falls Audiology, we have seen the impact improved hearing has on the lives of our patients on a daily basis. We do not want the price of listening devices to keep anyone from enjoying the benefits the provide. As such, we offer financing plans to our Sioux Falls area patients. Please call us today to find out more.

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Cost of hearing aids Sioux Falls
The good news is hearing aids have become more affordable over the years. Thanks to advancements in technology and innovations, there are now more options than ever before and at a price that fits your budget and needs.
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For an accurate hearing aid cost estimate, contact Dr. Norgaard and the team at Sioux Falls Audiology, and together we’ll learn more about your hearing loss and your unique needs. Better communication is just a phone call away.