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Dr. Norgaard and SureTest can help meet your OSHA safety requirements along with occupational and safety requirements for your business or facility. Together we are able to provide hearing tests for your employees, basic education and training including, how to properly fit and wear hearing protection devices. In addition, we offer a hearing conservation program, dosimeter testing and noise level measurement. Call Sioux Falls Audiology Associates to learn more about our hearing protection devices, training and testing.

Hearing loss is the most common work-related injury, yet it is one of the most preventable! OSHA requires that companies monitor and report employee noise level exposure. We provide hearing testing/noise sampling, noise dosimetry surveys, and comprehensive Hearing Conservation Programs (HCP) for Sioux Falls area businesses in order to meet OSHA Noise Standard (29 CFR 1910.95.). We serve the Sioux falls and surrounding areas of northwest Iowa, Southwest Minnesota, Eastern South Dakota, including Brookings, Yankton, Sioux City, Mitchell, Orange City, Sioux Center and Worthington and Watertown.

ACCURATE, Efficient, NON-DISRUPTIVE Hearing Tests

We work with your production schedules to minimize employee downtime and to provide seamless testing. We are able to test up to 20 employees an hour with our state-of-the-art audiometers to test quickly and accurately. Our state-of-the-art Benson software has the ability to provide employee instructions in several different languages which increases testing validity and employee testing efficiency. It also reduces company spending on retesting. Plus, we do daily calibrations and monitor background noise levels during testing to meet OSHA guidelines. If not properly tested and reported, noise exposure can cost a company a lot of money in fines and employee litigation. The good news is, meeting OSHA standards is easy when you work with us. We will evaluate the hearing sensitivity of your employees using an audiometer. Once a baseline hearing level is developed, annual evaluations will then allow us to monitor hearing changes.

All of our technicians are certified by the Council For Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC). Our employees have over 15 years of experience providing accurate hearing tests.

Our consistent record keeping and timely reporting helps to protect your bottom line and your safety record. If you have previous audiometric records and any current records that you provide into our system, we will merge them at no additional cost, which is just another way we pass the savings on to you. Occupational Benson Software has been an industry standard for many years with proven reliability.


We also measure employee noise level exposure. During the work shift, an employee wears a small noise dosimeter, which measures sound (usually at 1/2- to 1-second intervals and collects the data over the course of the shift). The information we compile with the dosimeter will be compared to OSHA Exposure Limits, and a comprehensive report which meets OSHA documentation requirements will be generated.

Lastly, we will discuss these findings with you. If noise levels meet or exceed OSHA limits, we can help your company develop a hearing conservation program (HCP) to protect employees and comply with regulation.


Hunter Needs Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Here at Sioux Falls Audiology Associates, we don’t only provide hearing testing and education, we can provide you with the actual hearing protection for the workplace and hunting as well. We offer earbuds and earmuffs at different sizes, so you can choose what is most comfortable for you. If you are in need of hearing protection, head over to our online shop to find your hearing protection today!

Hearing Protection Devices

Hearing Protection Devices (HPD)

Your hearing isn’t a renewable resource. At Sioux Falls Audiology, we’re committed to preventing noise-induced hearing loss. We carry customizable hearing protection devices built for comfort and ease of use.

  • Musicians Earplugs – In industrial settings, the goal is to block loud noises, but when you’re playing music, you need to be able to hear everything around you. These earplugs are designed for musicians and are available in several models, each tuned for different instruments.
  • Custom Hunting Earplugs – Don’t let the “one that got away” be your hearing. Dr. Norgaard can fit you with custom earplugs that allow you to hear perfectly, without having to remove or adjust your HPD.
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