In February 2023, Oticon launched its newest flagship product, Oticon Real. This advanced hearing aid replaces the previous flagship model, Oticon More, and introduces several meaningful upgrades.

Sudden Sound Stabilizer

The Sudden Sound Stabilizer is a novel feature that quickly attenuates loud noises such as barking dogs, clanging dishes, or doorbells. According to Oticon, this enhancement reduces listening effort by 22% in challenging situations, thus improving the user's overall auditory experience.

Wind and Handling Stabilizer

Another notable upgrade is the Wind and Handling Stabilizer. This feature minimizes wind noise and the sound made when your hand or hair brushes against your hearing aids. This reduces unwanted noise, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable hearing experience.

Consolidation of Remote Updates in the Main App

Previously, users had to download a separate app to avail remote appointments with their audiologist. With Oticon Real, this feature has been integrated into the main app, simplifying the process and enhancing the user experience.

A Look at the Oticon Real Models

Oticon Real comes in three technology levels - Real 1, Real 2, and Real 3.

  • Real 1 is equipped with the most advanced features, making it a suitable choice for complex environments like restaurants or travel.
  • Real 2 offers robust features but lacks some sophisticated options for managing background noise.
  • Real 3 is Oticon's budget-friendly option, best suited for those who lead a quieter lifestyle or spend time in small groups.

Behind-The-Ear Styles

It's worth mentioning that Oticon Real is only available in styles that sit behind the ear. If you prefer a custom-molded hearing aid that fits inside the canal instead of behind the ear, you might want to consider the Oticon Own. lineup of custom, in the ear hearing aids.

The Technological Edge

The Oticon Real inherits the same foundational features as its predecessor, the Oticon More. These include Bluetooth connectivity, artificial intelligence via Deep Neural Network, and a waterproof rating. However, it integrates two key developments - the Sudden Sound Stabilizer and the Wind and Handling Stabilizer.

While these changes may not seem life-altering, they do bring about noticeable improvements over the Oticon More family, making the Oticon Real a worthy upgrade.

Empowering Users

At Sioux Falls Audiology Associates, we believe in empowering our clients with the best hearing solutions. The Oticon Real is the epitome of our commitment. It's not merely a hearing aid; it's a testament to Oticon's unrelenting pursuit of innovation.

With Oticon Real, users can enjoy an open soundscape, experience sudden loud sounds without discomfort, and eliminate wind and handling noise. These enhancements contribute to an improved auditory experience, making daily interactions more enjoyable and meaningful.

Experience Oticon Real in Sioux Falls

We invite you to experience the revolutionary Oticon Real at Sioux Falls Audiology Associates. Our team of certified audiologists is ready to guide you through the process, helping you find the perfect hearing aid that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Visit our offices in Sioux Falls and Wentworth and take the first step towards better hearing. With Oticon Real, let's make every sound count.

Sioux Falls Audiology Associates

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