The Widex Moment Sheer, a groundbreaking hearing aid technology, is designed with a focus on delivering a sound experience that is as natural as possible. A person's first encounter with a hearing aid can significantly shape their journey towards improved hearing. If their initial experience is negative, they may doubt the effectiveness of hearing aids altogether. On the contrary, a positive first experience can make them feel more connected to their surroundings and themselves than they have in years.

Widex understands this critical aspect and has developed the Widex Moment Sheer to ensure a positive experience from the very first use. The device is designed to provide a sound so natural the user will be amazed. But how does it achieve this?

Typically, the sound processed by a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than the sound heard directly. This delay results in an artificial sound experience as the two out-of-sync signals mix. However, with the Widex Moment Sheer, users can experience every moment as they used to, thanks to Widex's PureSound technology.

Widex PureSound

Widex's PureSound™ technology is a game-changer in sound processing. It effectively minimizes the delay in sound processing, thereby eliminating the artificial sound experience often associated with hearing aids. The result is a sound experience that is as natural as possible, bringing users closer to the way they used to hear.

This advanced technology is not just about helping users reconnect with the world around them, but it's also about helping them reconnect with themselves. To achieve this, Widex has introduced a new range of fractal sounds to Widex SoundRelax™. These sounds are designed to increase focus and relax the mind. Additionally, because SoundRelax works with PureSound™, users get the best sound quality irrespective of their type of hearing loss.

Widex MySound Technology

Widex firmly believes that your life should dictate how you hear, not your hearing aid dictating how you live your life. That's why they've added more parameters to their AI-powered Widex MySound™ technology, giving users more control over how they choose to hear in various situations.

Widex MySound™ technology is a unique AI-based customization tool that allows users to personalize their hearing experience based on their preferences. This technology is accessible through the Widex Moment app and allows users to fine-tune their hearing so they get exactly the sound they prefer, exactly when it's important to them. Rigorous testing has confirmed that the app is easy and intuitive to use, and a 'dark mode' ensures discreet use.

Exceptional Design Philosophy

With the Widex Moment Sheer, users do not have to compromise on design for superior sound quality. The entire range of Widex Moment products, including the hearing aid, its charger, and jewel case, along with Widex TV Play, have been designed under one refined design philosophy. Every element of the product, from its aesthetic appeal to its audiological excellence, has been meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled user experience.

Widex Moment App

Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids come with the option to fully control the hearing aid using the Widex Moment app on your Apple or Android smartphone. This app enables users to fine-tune their hearing preferences, ensuring they get exactly the sound they prefer in exactly the moments that are important to them.

Engagement and Wellbeing

Widex Moment Sheer is packed with advanced technologies designed to support overall well-being and enable greater engagement in life. It features an enhanced version of the company's AI-based customization tool, MySound, which combines the power of artificial intelligence with wearer-intent. This functionality allows users to choose what sounds they want to emphasize depending on their environment, allowing for even greater customization.

Design and User Experience

All Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids, packaging, and accessories boast an elevated design aesthetic that ensures user experiences align with the device's exceptional technological performance. The modern design of the hearing aids and accessories provides an elevated user experience that instills pride and confidence in ownership.

Widex SmartRIC

Widex SmartRIC is a cutting-edge hearing aid designed to enhance natural hearing and improve users' quality of life. Its unique L-shaped design ensures clear conversations in noisy environments, while its long-lasting battery and portable charger offer all-day comfort and convenience. Engineered microphone covers reduce distractions for a superior listening experience. Compatible with accessories and apps like the Moment app with SoundSense Learn, Widex Sound Assist™, and Widex TV Play, SmartRIC further enhances functionality and user experience. With its modern design and innovative technology, SmartRIC embodies Widex's commitment to connecting users with natural sound for a seamless auditory experience.

Widex Moment Sheer in Sioux Falls

The Widex Moment Sheer is a direct outcome of the Widex Difference -- a new approach designed to help hearing care professionals provide superior patient services and results that help them stand out in an increasingly crowded market. One of the core pillars of the Widex Difference is "developing Unique Technology that delivers sound like no other." The Widex Moment Sheer is more than just a hearing aid; it’s a lifestyle enhancer. By delivering natural sound and a high level of customization, it empowers users to live their lives on their terms. With its advanced technologies and modern design, the Widex Moment Sheer is an excellent choice for those unwilling to compromise on sound or design.

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